You may be blessed with great genes. You may eat properly and exercise regularly. But for many people, losing weight and keeping it off is impossible to accomplish on their own! There are many reasons why people gain weight and most of the time it isn’t just because they eat too much or don’t exercise enough. That is why the Anti-Aging Institute of Florida has several weight loss programs designed to help you meet your goals for losing weight, maintaining your weight, and reducing complications of weight related diseases. We use the best FDA approved Weight Loss Medication, Nutraceuticals, Supplements, Meal Plans, Lifestyle and Nutritional Counseling, Detoxification, and Stress Reduction to get results. We are a team of specially trained Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Weight Management Consultants who specialize in weight loss and the many chronic diseases or conditions that can complicate losing and maintaining your weight.
"When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, ’til it seems as though you could not hold on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn."
– Harriet Beecher Stowe
At AAIF, we use cutting edge technology and the latest weight loss techniques on the market today. Let’s face it, weight loss isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. That’s why all of our programs are physician supervised and custom tailored to every individual. The Anti Institute of Florida team feels that being overweight or obese is a true medical condition – similar to having high blood pressure or asthma and should be given the attention it deserves in a specialty clinic like ours.

At AAIF, we listen. We understand what you are going through and have the tools that make a difference.

The Physician Supervised, FDA Approved, Weight Loss Program

There are several important steps you take as a patient at the Anti-Aging Institute Of Florida. Based upon lab tests, physical exams, questionnaires, and your specific goals, our physicians will prescribe the exact program your body needs.

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  • Weight Loss Injections

  • Hormone Replacement

  • Medically Supervised Appetite Suppressants

  • Metabolic Calorie Count

  • Body Fat Analysis

  • Detoxification

  • Nutraceuticals (Natural)

  • Behavior Coaching

Lifestyle Coaching

At AAIF, our professional health coaches are trained in program development, education, motivation, and guidance to meet your needs as an individual.

The goal of our programs is to offer a simple yet effective proactive plan that anyone can implement with ease and minimal time commitments. We focus on the most important 20% that yield the maximum 80% results. We design an action plan that will focus on what will make the most difference for you and yield the results that you are looking for. Our programs support the client’s current medical protocol and results can be measured and tracked by our clients and their doctor.

HCG Weight Loss Program

HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a hormone naturally occurring in both men and woman, but produced in large amounts during pregnancy to prepare the womb for the embryo. Using the hormone as a weight loss aid (along with restricted caloric intake) dates back to the 1950’s as discovered by Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons. Dr. Simeons determined that the HCG hormone targets the nutrients that are stored in fat cells and converts their content, sending the vital nutrients back into the bloodstream. This process leads the fat cells to shrink to only a fraction of their original size.

The HCG weight loss program is typically conducted for three to six weeks to jump start long-term weight loss habits. The patient follows a diet that is almost free of fat and contains five to eight hundred calories on a daily basis. This may seem very small, but the natural hormone is so powerful that it greatly reduces the appetite. Most participants adjust quickly to the restricted eating schedule, additionally learning to focus on proper foods for a healthy diet. The user self-administers a day-to-day intramuscular injection of 125-200 IU of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or takes the hormone orally as either pellets or drops that dissolve under the tongue. Most participants experience weight loss of a pound a day without any feelings of weakness or hunger.

Once the medical weight loss period is completed, patients transition to a healthy lifestyle with proper eating habits and exercise. Because the weight loss results are so drastic in such a short period of time, most participants leave the program with a new sense of vigor about their success and strong determination to continue down the path of weight loss and healthy living.

With AAIF’s HCG Weight Loss Program, your health and well-being more than just a number on a scale. At our clinic, your health and weight is more completely assessed and your progress tracked in more ways that just how many pounds you may lose. Our professional team is here to assist you to make sensible lifelong changes to help keep the weight off for good. There are no group sessions and each client is assessed and given an individually tailored program to suit their needs. We will discuss your concerns and offer motivation in your weekly educational consultations. As there are no lock in contracts and you pay as you go, your individual program has the flexibility to be changed if and when needed.

AAIF’s Focus is on the Patient

  • Understand the impact of lifestyle choices on your health and the benefits of change.

  • Identify the barriers that get in your way.

  • Build skills and provide the tools you need to change your behavior.(Natural)

  • Increase motivation and self-confidence needed for change.

In addition, some of our programs include meal plans, sleep quality, and guidance on food restrictions. Anyone, of any age, of any fitness level, of any size with any health condition can take a proactive approach toward optimizing their health with AAIF’s lifestyle coaching services.

Fitness and Nutrition Counseling

We’re all different and from a nutritional standpoint, this difference is called biochemical individuality. This implies that no single exercise and diet plan is right for everyone. For example, one person may do well with a more traditional higher carbohydrate diet, another may thrive on Zone type meals which are heavier in protein and fat, and a third will feel energized and clear headed following a raw foods diet. So at AAIF, our goal isn’t to impose a belief system or have you follow a particular diet or exercise plan; rather, our goal is to teach you the basics of a healthy nutrition and exercise program so that your understanding helps you make the right choices each day. To help determine what type of foods and exercises may work best for you, AAIF use highly trained specialists in the science of exercise and nutrition. Our professionals help identify which foods and food combinations are right for your unique metabolism, and which exercise programs will accomplish the results you are looking for. By tending to your specific metabolic needs while applying the basic principles of good nutrition and exercise, you will maintain proper weight, feel energized, and improve your overall health and quality of life!

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